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Learning to Live With No Answers

  Is that a hive? Eczema? Other unspecified rash? All of the above?     Having food allergies involves numerous changes to your lifestyle and approach to everything. Especially if multiple food allergies are involved. After the months it took to get...

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A Skin Test Follow-Up

  A little over a week ago Shaun had his summer visit to his allergist. At this point, we typically check-in 4 times a year (not including food challenges or sick visits) with the intention of looking at his allergies, asthma and eczema condition. This allows us...

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How to Meal Plan and Why It Matters!

  It’s 4:30 in the afternoon on my way home from work. I slow down for a red light and Shaun pipes up from the back, “mom what’s for dinner tonight?”    Nothing is defrosted.    I haven’t been shopping in at least a week and a half.  And we are out of...

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When Planning Your Beach Trip Still Falls Short

  What’s that saying about “the best-laid plans”...?   As an allergy momma, I understand this sentiment intimately.  Vigilance and planning make it so Shaun can have happy, healthy experiences out in the world. But you see sometimes even our best-laid plans...

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How to Enjoy a Beach Day with Food Allergies

With the summer here in full swing, many people find themselves at, or wanting to go to, a beach! Hot temperatures and refreshing ocean are a perfect combination, but this becomes a little less carefree when you have allergies. So here’s how to enjoy a beach day with...

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