John & Linda Corning here! Husband & wife, teaming up to write openly about our life with a food allergy kid!

We are excited to have you join us as we share our family’s experiences. Over the past four years, we have spent countless hours learning how to restructure our lives to make sure our son is growing, healthy and most importantly happy. We had become brilliant internet detectives, learned the art of reading food labels, mastered how to adapt recipes, advocated in the doctors’ offices when we didn’t get answers, shed tears out of frustration at times and happiness at others.

We know just how hard, yet amazing, allergy life can be, and we are ready to take all that we have learned and share it here! So whether you have food allergies, you are a parent of a food allergy kid, or you want to be understanding of the food allergy community, welcome!  


Why “The Art of Allergies”?


Very simply, living with an allergy is an art.


Like art,

Life with allergies is complicated, especially when you first receive a diagnosis. It is challenging in the information you must learn, the life changes you must immediately make, and the vast emotions that you experience.


Life with allergies is personal. What people are allergic to can be significantly different, but even if your allergy list looks the same as someone else’s, you can rest assured that your reactions would look tremendously different. Your allergic-reaction can look different every time! That’s right; a past reaction does not in any way predict how a future reaction may present itself. Once diagnosed you will need to begin to look at a lot of information and start to restructure your life; these decisions will be, you got it, highly personal.   

Life with allergies demands realism. You must be 100% realistic about what this diagnosis brings to live well! You will also find the real nature of people. Some people will stun you with ignorance and others will surprise you with their willingness to learn and show compassion.  


Life with allergies is balanced. Nutrition in meals, social interactions with potential risk, how to talk to people about food allergies are just a few ways you need to stay balanced. Most importantly you need to keep your overall mindset steady. It is not difficult to be overcome with all things allergy and begin to live in a bubble. It is also challenging to avoid complacency at times, leading to heightened risk. Neither is ideal, strategizing to stay balanced is critical.    

Life with allergies is mosaic-like. Learning a little at a time; from your doctors, through trial and error, from the allergy community online, and hopefully this blog will help you begin to piece together what life with allergies looks like for you.

We are ready to walk this emotional journey with you. Hopefully leading you through some of those hard-earned tactics and tools we have amassed to make your allergy life just a tiny bit easier.

With excitement,


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Linda Corning

Linda is one half of the team here at The Art of Allergies. Linda is a child-care provider of over a decade and has been a driving force of allergy advocacy. Not only finding new ways to reinvent how life works with food allergies, but also taking an active role in the allergy community.

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