Welcome to our very first episode of The Art of Allergies Podcast!


Thank you all for coming on this journey with us so far, and we hope to continue putting out valuable content now in Podcast form as well 🙂

This is mine and Linda’s first foray into the Podcasting world as well, so please bear with us as we get our sound and production dialed into where we really want it to be.


In this inaugural episode:
  • Our Story
    • Our current day-jobs
    • How We Met
    • Shaun (obviously) and if you haven’t seen it already we have a Meet Shaun! post to get some more of his story


  • We know First-hand (Most of our content is derived from our own experiences)


  • Our Hope for this Podcast (and all of our content)
    • To provide support & insights based on our experiences
    • To be a lifeline for families
    • To be a resource for educators
    • To be a touchstone for knowledge seekers


  • Why The Art of Allergies (Mirroring our blog post)


  • Shaun’s Fierce Dino Fact!
    • And a little bit of Shaun’s allergy story from his perspective


  • Community Connection – Each episode we will be including a connection, feedback, and/or resource we use or find valuable.
    • AllergyEats
    • Paul Antico (CEO)
    • Great resource
    • Always looking for new data/contributors
      • Make an account and rate restaurants you’ve been too if you can!
    • They use these ratings to further build their database and to work with restaurants on becoming allergy-friendly
    • The emphasis is on “comfortable restaurants”
      • This helps keep a mindset of constant vigilance


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John is one half of the team here at The Art of Allergies. Your typical mild-mannered IT Manager, and Full-Time Allergy Dad. He also loves all things technology. Together with Linda, John enjoys helping new and first-time allergy parents navigate through it all.

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