Welcome back to episode 2!

We’ll be talking about some of our back to school prep, and hear some of Shaun’s perspective as well.



Main Topic: Back to School!

Our second year

Our school choice (why Montessori)


Last Year
  • Surprised by unexpected lottery selection
  • No Med Forms Prepared
  • No 504 in place
  • Didn’t know the teacher(s)
  • But no lunch (1/2 day to start)


This Year
  • 504 Setup (and revised from the initial plan)
  • We know the teacher (Same teacher multiple years at Montessori)
  • We knew it was happening and had time to plan
  • We know what he needs
    • Classroom
    • Forms
    • Medications
    • Food/Snacks
*We’ve already established our network of allies*


Allies (will be a recurring theme)
  • Why make them?
  • How to make them
    • Listen!
    • Inform
    • Offer Help
    • Thank them!
  • Teachers, Staff, Nurse(s), PTA, Students)


*Set the tone!* 

You will likely be working with these people for years. So it is helpful not to start off with a relationship on a contentious note.


Shaun weighs in.


Senator Blumenthal’s Press Conference.
  • Link to the press conference (Link)
  • See minute 16:20 for Linda and Shaun
  • Great experience for Shaun!



P.S. Apologies if you can hear the Bluejay squawking outside our window, he was not cool.



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