Welcome to our 3rd Episode! This one is all about receiving an initial allergy diagnosis, and some of the emotions involved, as well as coping with new life changes and routines.


Two Key Take-Aways:
  • You’re not alone!
  • Ideas about where to start


Finally getting a list of foods to avoid
  • Helpful: Because you have a known list of allergens to work with
  • Stressful: Reality sets in when you start learning what it’s going to take to feed yourself/your child
    • Can feel isolating (Especially if you have little experience with food allergies)
    • Daunting (So many variables involved)
    • Sadness (Reality vs. expectations you may have had)
  • Roughly five meals a day (Breakfast / AM Snack / Lunch / PM Snack / Dinner)
    • Exhaustion


Where To Start?
  • Food
    • Back to basics (Single-ingredient/whole foods)
      • It’s not forever but can sustain you until you have more knowledge and experience
    • Cross Contact
    • Reading Labels
  • Find Support


  • Good vs. Bad Info (always do your research/validation of articles & “facts” you read online)
  • Write down questions for your doctor(s)
  • FARE – Life with food allergies -> Newly Diagnosed
  • FAACT – Newly Diagnosed

~ It may be tempting to read everything BUT might cause undue stress! (e.g., reading about options for 504 plans when your child is only ten months old) ~


~ Shaun’s Facts ~


Community Connection – AssureTech Mobile App
  • AppStore Download Link Here
  • Translates 130+ Allergens in 15 Languages
  • Displays a Translated “Help” message + Auto-Injector Instructions
  • Locates the Nearest Hospital and can Call Transport
  • They’re continually looking for allergy community members to assist with testing/developing new aspects of their apps
    • If you’re interested, you can sign up to be a tester HERE



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