Welcome to episode 6! This one is going to be about Halloween and the Teal Pumpkin Project! We know it’s a bit early, but we wanted to talk about it early enough that anyone who wanted to participate this year with the Teal Pumpkin Project would have the time and access to resources to do so 🙂



Main Topic(s)
  • Why we (and especially Linda) love Halloween, and what it means for our family
  • How to cope with what your expectations for the Holiday might have been, compared to what they are/will be posted allergy diagnosis
  • How well-intentioned people tried to “comfort” us


  • Everything in allergy life (and life in general) happen at a much slower pace than we want it to
  • Allergies will likely change/shift over time
  • Substitutions get easier the more familiar you are with your specific allergy situation
  • Forming NEW and unique traditions with time


How We Celebrate
  • Shaun’s costumes are homemade
  • We move family dinner on the week of Halloween to the day of Halloween so the family can participate
  • We do a costume reveal and special photos for Shaun with each new costume
  • How we Trick-or-Treat with Shaun
  • The Candy Trade (how we swap things with Shaun so he can end up with safe treats)


Shaun’s Facts


Community Connection

F.A.R.E Teal Pumpkin Project


Linda’s 2017 FB Post about the Teal Pumpkin Project:

I have read a lot of mixed reviews this year about FAREs Teal Pumpkin Project. Many people feel that my child’s food allergies are “not their problem”, and that providing a non-food treat for a food allergy child on Halloween teaches them that the world will always accommodate them.…

Now you might be surprised to hear that I don’t believe people who hold this opinion are entirely wrong. But, as always, there is a middle ground. Here are my thoughts:
You absolutely do not have to accommodate my food allergy child by participating in the teal pumpkin project. Whether you don’t like the idea, don’t have the time or money, or just plain prefer orange pumpkins, no one if forcing you to participate. And when we trick or treat on Halloween, with our EPI pens in tow, my child will collect candy unsafe for him and trade it in for his safe treats when we get back to the house. This way he gets to participate in a modified way, hopefully teaching him that he will have to modify his experience often to navigate food (and life) safely. This is so important for him to learn.

But, if you participate you sure will make my son’s night if you hand him something that is safe for him! It will show him that there are people who understand his food allergies significance in our life. And hopefully, teach him that being considerate and kind makes a difference. This is so important for him to learn.

So to all those who choose not to participate, I understand. And thank you for teaching my son about personal responsibility, fairness (because when it comes to food for him a fair alternative is not always equal and that is okay) and life!

And to all those who will be placing a teal pumpkin outside their house this year, thanks to you for teaching my son about community and kindness!!!

Happy Haunting



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