For episode 7, we’re going to be diving a bit deeper into some quality of life impacts that come from an allergy diagnosis. Specifically, we go into how it can affect your relationship with your partner/spouse.


**Disclaimer** – We understand that there are many different types and styles of relationships between people/caregivers and we are not trying to offend anyone or devalue any of those other types of relationships. As we mention in the episode, our experience is from a heterosexual marriage raising a child with food allergies, and this is what most of this will be based upon. We do think that the core principles that we discuss are valuable to most types of other relationships as well though, and we hope that regardless of your situation, you are able to find something valuable to take away from this episode.


Main Topic(s)

Food Allergies Impact Quality of Life

  • Health
  • Emotions
  • Finances
  • Relationships (Marriage in particular)


Dr. Gupta

  • Dad’s feel less empowered but generally, have a better QOL
  • Mom’s feel more empowered but generally, have a lower QOL


Marriage Outside of Food Allergies is Hard on its Own

  • We all come with baggage, history, and experiences that impact the relationship
  • It’s hard work, under the best of circumstances
  • Marriage is not a fairy tale
  • Communication
  • Compromise
  • Growth
  • Then add kids and food allergies and it gets exponentially harder


Marriage and Stress With Food Allergies

  • Compounds the difficulty
  • Increases the struggle to communicate effectively
  • Stress causes people to revert back to old (often unhealthy) habits


How it has affected us and our relationship


We started going to counseling back in 2015 and still continue to go to this day!


Linda’s advice to the wives/moms

John’s advice to the husbands/dads


Shaun’s Facts

Apologies for the awkward cut this week. Given the material, it was more challenging than usual to find a good place to get Shaun’s segment in.


Community Connection

Again with how heavy the topc was for this episode, we are just using a short and sweet story of an experience we had with Shaun this past week.


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