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Birthdays with food allergies

Shaun’s 1st Birthday

    • UNO Party!
    • 12 Food Allergies at the time
    • So many foods that we had not tried yet (barely on solid food)
    • Shaun’s first cake was actually a waffle 🙂
    • Creative improvisation is key!

Shaun’s 2nd Birthday

    • Pumpkin painting
    • All Shaun-safe food
    • Uncle Tommy’s gift for Shaun (Train)
    • Cornflake-Crumb chicken, veggies & quinoa

Shaun’s 3rd Birthday

    • 3 & 30 (shared party with John)
    • Baked Potato Bar!!
    • Everyone (including other non-allergy restrictions people) can pick toppings that are safe
    • Still made as much as possible Shaun-Safe
    • Remove all the food that Shaun would eat, prior to anyone else getting theirs (limits cross-contamination)

Shaun’s 4th Birthday

    • Play Set!
    • No meal, just snacks = All Shaun Safe
    • Build Day for the boys
    • Sleepover at Aunt Carol’s for Shaun

Shaun’s 5th Birthday

    • Shaun got to make Shaun-Safe cookies to bring to school
    • Dee’s Bakery – Cupcakes on 1st Friday Dinner
    • Shaun requested Brinner! (just like Dad 🙂


  • Test out your cake prior to the party (especially the first year/birthday party)
  • Simplify as much as possible
    • All Safe foods, no food at all, dessert/snacks only, etc.
  • Make your family your allies!
    • Supportive and understanding
    • They can help with prepping food in YOUR space (where you know it’s safer)
    • Non-food ways for them to help with a party


Shaun’s Facts

Unfortunately, Shaun has not been feeling well, so we did not record with him for this episode, we hope to have him healthy for the next one!


Community Connection

A couple of anecdotal stories about some interactions that we’ve had with people recently.



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