Welcome back to episode 13 where we talk all about Thanksgiving and navigating holidays in general with food allergies 🙂


Main Topic(s)

  • Our Thanksgiving
    • We talk about what our thanksgiving looks like and how it has evolved over the years
    • How we plan and move around on a holiday
    • Some things we pack and bring with us
  • Practical Aspects of Thanksgiving with Food Allergies
    • Hosting vs Being a Guest
    • Shop at odd times
    • Make Lists
    • Talk about expectations ahead of time
    • Talk with your host (if you’re the guest)
    • Cooking and Serving Strategies
      • Try to make only one iteration of each dish
  • Emotional Aspects of Thanksgiving with Food Allergies
    • Anger, Worry, Fear, etc.
    • Loss of traditional foods -> and the sadness that can bring
    • It’s OK to have those feelings
    • 3 Things that help(ed) us with the emotions
      • Focus on the meaning of the holiday
      • Food matters less than being together
      • Focus on building & sharing new traditions


Shaun’s Thoughts

We actually get to hear a tiny bit from Shaun this week about what he thinks about thanksgiving!


Community Connection

Tina Beal’s listener question number 2!



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