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Main Topic(s)
  • Why does this matter? Sometimes you need:
    • a break
    • to vent
    • to have fun/be distracted
    • an objective opinion
    • comfort
    • a cheerleader
  • How to start building your support system
    • Can be difficult, especially if you prefer to be in control
    • Hard to build once you’re in adversity, try to get it in place before things get sour
    • A support system is not just people
  • Embrace Interests that help you grow and develop
    • Art
    • Dance
    • Reading
    • Puzzles
    • Prayer/Faith
    • Knitting
    • Video/Board Games
    • Make sure to find a healthy balance and don’t let interests/hobbies become obsessions or ways to avoid problems
  • Exercise/Physical Activity
    • Endorphins!
    • Gym or at-home workouts
    • Team sports
    • Yoga
    • Studio Classes
    • LOTS of options
  • Get Away
    • Hike
    • Day Trip
    • Overnight
    • Any simple change of scenery
  • Find Your Quiet Space
    • At home
    • A park
    • Special coffee shop
    • Book Store
    • Go there often when things are good and bad
    • You should be able to use this space to rest, contemplate and rejuvenate
    • Family & Friends
      • Know what you want/need
      • ASK for what you want/need
      • It is OK to reconnect with people you’ve fallen out of touch with
      • It is OK to cut out negative people who don’t support you
    • Support Groups & Therapists
      • Finding others who understand you/your situation is important
      • Nothing wrong with seeking a professional to be part of your support system


Listener Question/Community Connection
  •  Further Shaun EOE Discussion
    • High-dose antacids & re-scope
    • Oral steroid treatment
    • Elimination diet options




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