To improve the day-to-day lives of those who live with allergies.

A Lifeline for Families

A child’s diagnosis of food allergy forces a major life change that profoundly impacts the whole family.

We seek to share tools and practical ideas families might implement.  Allowing them to raise healthy, confident children who can be empowered to manage their own food allergies as they get older.

A Resource for Educators

Educators know better than most that knowledge is power!

We plan to use experiential knowledge, alongside reputable research to provide perspective and resources to educators. In childcare and classroom settings educators serve as the front lines to keep those with food allergies safe. Creating a strong foundation of food allergy knowledge empowers educators to create a safe space for all children.

A Touchstone for Knowledge Seekers

For those whose lives are not directly touched by food allergies, they naturally lack understanding. (This is not necessarily malicious, but rather the reality of not having exposure.)

We hope to open a window into what allergy life entails. Giving anyone an opportunity to learn about the deep intricacies and impact food allergies have on many aspects of life.

Compassion, in part, comes from understanding. We strive to provide a touchstone for understanding; ultimately leading to a more compassionate stance towards the allergy community.

Linda is a child-care provider of over a decade. She has been an essential part of raising dozens of children previously in larger care environments, and for the last seven years as the co-owner of a home-based child-care program.

When her first child Shaun was born, this allowed her to continue doing the work that she loved, while still being able to be a full-time parent.

Since Shaun’s allergy diagnosis at only six months old. Linda has been a driving force of allergy advocacy. Not only finding new ways to reinvent how life works with food allergies, but also taking an active role in the allergy community. Helping to spread awareness and compassion through campaigns like the Teal Pumpkin Project.

She has also been a resource and how-to guru for many other new moms who have been struggling to learn how to deal with raising a child with food allergies.

John is a patient, hardworking, engaged husband and father who values humor and family. A typical mild-mannered IT Manager and full-time allergy dad, he enjoys all things technology.

At six foot five inches tall, with tattoos and a bushy beard, he may seem a bit gruff. But he is much more Teddy than Grizzly Bear. Together with Linda, John enjoys helping new and first-time allergy parents navigate through it all.

He has made it a point to spread awareness on behalf of children and families living with food allergies. Especially as it pertains to cooking or baking, cleaning and sanitizing food-prep areas, and the subtle nuances of surviving public places and events with your allergy kid.

Last, but certainly not least, is Shaun.

At the ripe old age of four, he is wise beyond his years. He lives from a place of pure joy.

We asked him: “Shaun what would you want someone to know about you?”

Shaun: “Pretty much just my allergies, I would want them to know for when I ate dinner with them!”

Shaun is already well educated about his allergies and advocates for himself in many circumstances! Fear not, you can expect a great deal of involvement from Shaun here. We hope to include him more and more, and get his opinion on everything allergy!


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